Monday, September 26, 2022

Niclas Tamas "Interstellar Surveillance"

Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE synthesizers and what's more I love ambient compositions featuring all the lush textures that a good synth can produce. As a kid, I listened to Jarre, Vangelis, and even Stockhausen alike and marveled at the beautiful sounds all produced mechanically and so full of life (and I don't play favorites either, I love FM, analog, Wavetable, Granular, PCM, and every other form as well). So when I came across an extraordinary composer writing for some of my favorite sounds, I just had to let you all know. 

Niclas Tamas is out with "Interstellar Surveillance," a six-minute overtone-laden soundscape that is gorgeously transitioning between major and minor tonalities all the while giving us everything his machines have to offer. The piece is slow and features string-sounds (some acoustic) entering and exiting - basically, all the sounds are rather slow on the attack which gives a beautifully meditative quality. It's very cinematic in its approach and would fit rather well in a piece of multimedia (I wonder if Mr. Tamas has ever written for ballet). It will be interesting to see where he takes us in his next venture. If you're interested, his BandCamp page is here. 

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