Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mauri Dark "Love Will Prevail"

Oftentimes, we are bogged down through art and music, a sense that doom is inevitable. This is quite the case in our modern times overcast with Covid19, racial division, and labor unrest. Mauri Dark's new tune "Love Will Prevail" is a heartfelt ballad that is quite possibly the most honest and wonderful sentiment of a life well-lived. It seems to me that this artist was happy to dispense with sentiment shrowded in metaphor and simile - just getting to the point that if we are good to each other and those we care for, the world would be a better place. 

The accompanying music video of a man and beautiful child planting a white ballon is rife with symbolism though. The forest scenery is a welcome sight to those of us both in and out of cities. More than anything, I'm impressed with the bare-bones approach of a song sung from the heart. A song that harkens to something more optimistic - that a better future is not only possible but destined. I have a feeling that if more people listened to tracks like this, that future would be a little closer. 

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