Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Artist Interview: NatStar

Hello readers! For this week’s interview, we have hip-hop artist and mobile entrepreneur NatStar. He’s released an Android/iOS app as a means to access his album/videos. The audio version of his newest album, “ANATYMOUS” is out on November 15th.

MW: NatStar, thank you so much for being here.

NS: I appreciate you for having me.

MW: So, the biggest thing I think we’re all curious about is why release an app? Why not just go the traditional route of dropping the album with all the fanfare that way?

NS: I’ve in the past used an app as a means to promoting myself as an artist. I used a company named blackvibes.com. I remember at the time it allowed me to upload my music and videos to the app so I thought, why not release an album as a mobile app? It allows me to include so much more than just music. It’ll include music videos, live videos, a documentary, album credits, song lyrics, links to merch, itunes download and contact abilities. Also within the app is a blog that allows me to send out direct notifications to those who downloaded the app. In short, its very personal and convenient! go to your app store on your phone to DL or officialnatstar.com/anatymous to DL.

MW: I enjoyed listening to your song “Dagga” on your website. There is a quirky quality to the beat, it almost has a vintage sound to it, except for the drums which are really modern. Is that representative of your other music?

NS: For the most part yea it is. However, I mostly adjust to the times but always try to keep an element of musicianship in my music which explains the drum sound selections lol..

MW: Where does the title “ANATYMOUS” come from?

NS: Anatymous is a play off of the word anonymous basically inserting my name Nat lol. It’s the feeling of being unknown and the drive to fix it.

MW: I take it you produce all your beats; several of the readers of this blog are also interested in production. Would you mind walking us through your creative process?

NS: Of course. It’s different at times depending on what i’m feeling. A lot of times I hear a melody in my head and will create a tempo behind it. I’ll lay a basic drum pattern to at least get the melody down then go back and create mainly around the main melody.

MW: Any favorite pieces of kit you could mention?

NS: I have random kits and so many of them it’s hard to pinpoint specifics lol.

MW: Are you hitting the road to promote your new app/album or do you have something else up your sleeve?

NS: I’ve been on the road touring and will be home in Charlotte, NC next for the next date in mid-November. I’ve recently performed in St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee on the current tour.

MW: Thanks again for taking the time!

NS: Thank You!


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