Thursday, November 3, 2016

Artist Interview: Matt Colligan

MW: Matt Colligan, thank you for being here.

MC: Thank you for having me! I'm happy to be here.

MW: So, I’d like to talk about “The Turnaround” – as a concept, it seems to align with much of America’s desire for change both socially and politically – was that an aspect that inspired the song or is it a coincidence?

MC: It's a coincidence. This was written about a friend who accomplished something that, although I had great confidence in him, the endeavor seemed improbable to him. With that said, I appreciate your observation because I like to write concepts that are general enough to be interpreted in a variety of ways, thus increasing the likelihood that more listeners can connect with the concept on a personal level.

MW: Not all musicians are super comfortable in front of the camera but you seem to have a knack for being center in the music-video. Did you ever do any acting or other prep-work for performing on screen?

MC: Thank you for the kind words! I've done some TV interviews, performances, and an episode of a show on Fuse TV but, aside from that, have not done any acting. I don't have any training, but certainly have a great time with it.

MW: Did country music have an influence on you? If so, could you name a few artists specifically?

MC: To be candid, not really. However, certain artists like Lyle Lovett and Loudon Wainwright have influenced my writing. Both of these artists can also fall into a number of other genres (e.g., folk).

MW: What about other genres you enjoy?

MC: I really love alternative, rock, pop, and folk. I'll be moved by anything of lyrical and melodic substance.

MW: Are you currently touring or doing any other fan outreach? If so, where are you performing?

MC: I'm not touring at the moment, but am playing an intimate show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on December 4th!

MW: Do you have anything for the future that we should be looking out for?

MC: Yes! I will be releasing another single called, "Burn" in January. In 2017, I'll be releasing a bunch of singles.

MW: Thanks so much for participating!

MC: Thanks again for having me, I really enjoyed it. 


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