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Friday, July 29, 2016

Leafy Satori Risk: The White Dress

So, outside of the sensual and laid-back quality of Leafy Satori Risk’s new song “The White Dress” it comes accompanied by a beautiful music video (which is really more of a short film). The picture goes through the story of a couple of young men pursuing two lovely young ladies (I can’t blame these guys either). The song is smooth and has a very erotic, almost like the soundtrack for a clothing-optional weekend for two. 

Fans of Stereolab or South American Jazz will feel really at home with Leafy Satori Risk. The style is artistic, mellow, and very sexy. I had a cursory look at their YT channel (currently with four videos) and their other tracks are equally interesting. Stop by and say “hi” to them. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Srdjan Brankovic: Break the Rules

This week I had the privilege of being an author to receive a promo copy of Srdjan Brankovic’s newest album “Expedition: Delta.” Immediately I turned my Groove player to track number two “Break the Rules.”

Let me just say from the onset, that fans of 1970’s prog-rock will not be disappointed. Right down to the wailing vocals of guest artist Bobby Koelble (this guy has some of the best intonation I’ve ever heard in a rock singer) the song will take you back. Of course, the main actor in this audio-feature is Brankovic’s guitar, as it should be, there are beautiful and tasteful harmonies in the lines but at the same time very virtuosic. Plan on buying this one when it’s out folks, you’ll be glad you did!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Richard Lynch: A Better Place

In listening to Richard Lynch’s “A Better Place,” it’s easy to spot why this song is currently number one on the New Music Weekly am/fm Country Chart. In some ways it’s a simple narrative of a man who discovers his lover is unfaithful (fairly standard country/blues premise), then takes a dramatic turn where the main character is delivering his chorus from the afterlife. Quite a twist on tragedy.

In fact, there is a bittersweet quality to Lynch’s song. On one hand, his distraught lady is justifiably grieving and there is a bit of justice involved in that portion of the lyrics, on the other, there is the redemptive quality that most religious people hope waits for them in the hereafter. Richard Lynch sings a beautiful song beautifully and the music video is very moving!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Artist Interview: Prairials

Hello CMT Readers! For this week’s interview, we have  the Toronto Indie-Rock band “Prairials.”

MW: Thanks so much for being here!

Our pleasure, thanks for having us!

MW: First thing I’m interested in is the name, who came up with “prairials” as a band name?

JR: I’m not even sure which one of us came across the word, but we were kicking around ideas and when someone had suggested Prairials, it seemed to the perfect fit. Prairial used to be a month in the French Revolutionary calendar. It’s a little out there, ties to our roots and comes with a little history lesson ha!

MW: So, your album drops on August 1st – how long did it take to put all the songs together?

JR: We’ve been working on putting this album together since our last member came down from Saskatchewan about four months ago. There’s a couple songs that me and Jacob have been sitting on for a little while longer than that, but it wasn’t until we could add the upright bass to them that were really complete!

MW: Does anyone have a favorite track from the album?

JR: Wooden Gun is the last track we had wrote and recorded for the album, I’d say that’s probably the winner. I think it’s a culmination of everything we’d been working on and a good representation of our current sound.

MW: I hope you don’t mind if I say the music video for “Wooden Gun” is charming. How did that production come about?

JR: We shoot all our videos ourselves so we have a lot of freedom when it comes to that. The song is about John Dillinger, a notorious bank robber from 1930’s, so we wanted to shoot something loosely based on that. We came up with the idea of a robbery/get away shoot where the viewer didn’t know what was in the burlap sack, but we wanted the video to end on a slightly different note than money being stolen.

MW: Have you been (or are you going to) tour in support of the album? If so, where?

JR: We’re going to be touring across the country in support of the album. We’re playing our a c.d release show here in Toronto on July 30th then spending all of August on the road, everywhere between Montreal and Vancouver before coming back on the 4th of September for one last show in Toronto. You can find all our dates

MW: Any closing words for our readers?

JR: Our second album “The Strange Folk” is going to be available worldwide on August 1st on almost every online distributor (iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify etc.) and we’ll be travelling across the country for the entire month to share our songs with everybody.  We can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

Friday, July 8, 2016

JRS3: Coffee

Thumping bass with squealing synths that are so dance-driven there’s not a chance you can sit still is usually the kind of description you’d give to current trance, house, or trap tracks. However, the song listed below is from Hip-Hop crossover artist JRS3 (I write “crossover” only because I have no real idea what genre to stick this guy in – score one for uniqueness!) It’s a beautiful anthem to something that none of us could function without: coffee.

This song is a follow up to his very popular song/video “Red White Blue,” a thematically very different, but still equally as innovative track. While JRS3 is able to create incredibly catchy material and it looks like success is in the cards, we can still see that this is a developing artist. I for one, will be on the lookout for future numbers to see where he goes next!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Glass Mansions: Matches

South Carolina rock band Glass Mansions is hard at work this summer bringing hard hitting music to audiences in the South Eastern United States. Not only do they have an incredible tour (starting in August of 2016) lined up, they also have a new song and music video that just dropped a few weeks ago titled “Matches,” and it’s awesome!

Vocalist Jayna Doyle comes correct with attitude and a very catchy hook that will stay with you after the song is done. The rest of the band (Blake Arambula, Patrick Beardsley, and Rodney Liles) kick ass at holding down the rhythm (seriously, the accompaniment is aggressive and driving).  If you’re living (or visiting) the South East this summer, do yourselves a favor and take in one of these shows!

Tour Dates:
8/11 - Myrtle Beach, SC - Island Bar
8/12 - Columbia, SC - Art Bar
8/13 - Greenville, SC - Radio Room
8/14 - Nashville, TN - East Room
8/15 - Memphis, TN - Cove Bar
8/16 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
8/17 - Fayetteville, AR - Nomad’s
8/18 - Dallas, TX - Prophet Bar
8/19 - Austin, TX - Sidewinder
8/20 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
8/21 - Lafayette, LA - Feed N’ Seed
8/22 - Mobile, AL - The Merry Widow
8/23 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit’s
8/24 - Savannah, GA - The Wormhole
8/25-8/28 - Charleston, SC - New Music Confab