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Friday, May 2, 2014

Darkly Comforting: My Secret Island

Landing on the MySpace page of the band “My Secret Island,” the tagline reads: “My Secret Island is extraordinarily unique. A project which has touched on a variety of musical worlds from the very beginning.” – It’s a good summation too. A cursory listen to their songs available online will reflect many elements from metal, goth, punk, electronica, and pop (just to name a few). The song below is their newest release on YouTube titled: “What was Yesterday,” complete with a plotline centered around creepy zombies and a fairly steamy romantic interest.

It’s a tough sounding track with a lot of industrial and metal elements. The vocals seem very punk-rock though. I was most intrigued by the lyrics. Despondent and poetic while being easily understandable through the lead-singer’s impeccable diction. It’s a pretty darn catchy song too, I found myself singing along with the line “lost down the well of time" within minutes of my first listen. 

With so many creative tricks up their respective sleeves; it will be wonderful to hear more of these cats as they continue to produce new music. In the meantime, please have a look at their YouTube page here:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Linzi Stoppard and FUSE: Heart-Stringing

It is a testament to an instrument's viability that it is changing and evolving in its purpose. We may think that all which could be said and expressed in regards to the violin has been both said and expressed. Yet, the band FUSE would beg to differ… and rightfully so – their brand of instrumental electronic-intelligent-pop is deeply emotive, catchy, and innovative. A pair of electric violins singing sweetly on long beautiful melodies tempered and made modern by their unique approach and sensibility may leave listeners energized, sensualized, and sentimental.

What I like most about FUSE’s music is that they embrace all the sonic capabilities the electric violin has to offer, including distortion, reverb, and chorus – yet, unlike so many musicians working in similar mediums, they still hold true to the timbre of the violin. There is no mistaking it for an electric guitar here. This stands in contrast to so many using modern effects on the instrument. It is something that is highly commendable in this age of frequent musical “overkill.”

Of course, it is easy for one’s eyes (and ears) to be drawn immediately to Linzi Stoppard – she’s the super stylish/super talented half of the band with two X chromosomes. Her looks and appeal are only outdone by her excellent musicianship.  That being said, she knows how to share the spotlight as evidenced by the following track which I will leave you to enjoy. To find out more about Mz. Stoppard's (and FUSE's) music, please do yourself the favor of stopping by her website here: