Friday, July 1, 2016

Glass Mansions: Matches

South Carolina rock band Glass Mansions is hard at work this summer bringing hard hitting music to audiences in the South Eastern United States. Not only do they have an incredible tour (starting in August of 2016) lined up, they also have a new song and music video that just dropped a few weeks ago titled “Matches,” and it’s awesome!

Vocalist Jayna Doyle comes correct with attitude and a very catchy hook that will stay with you after the song is done. The rest of the band (Blake Arambula, Patrick Beardsley, and Rodney Liles) kick ass at holding down the rhythm (seriously, the accompaniment is aggressive and driving).  If you’re living (or visiting) the South East this summer, do yourselves a favor and take in one of these shows!

Tour Dates:
8/11 - Myrtle Beach, SC - Island Bar
8/12 - Columbia, SC - Art Bar
8/13 - Greenville, SC - Radio Room
8/14 - Nashville, TN - East Room
8/15 - Memphis, TN - Cove Bar
8/16 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
8/17 - Fayetteville, AR - Nomad’s
8/18 - Dallas, TX - Prophet Bar
8/19 - Austin, TX - Sidewinder
8/20 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
8/21 - Lafayette, LA - Feed N’ Seed
8/22 - Mobile, AL - The Merry Widow
8/23 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit’s
8/24 - Savannah, GA - The Wormhole
8/25-8/28 - Charleston, SC - New Music Confab

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