Saturday, April 16, 2016

Madelyn Victoria: Highway of Dreams (Live)

I love live performances. I remember shortly after Mark Sandman died tragically and too soon for all of us Morphine fans, the first album I purchased was the “Detroit Bootleg” CD from my local record shop (yep, we had those back then). It didn’t stop there either – Portishead’s PNYC concert stands as my “holy grail” for sound engineering. So when I was alerted to the fact that Madelyn Victoria (an artist written about here on Contemporary Music Thoughts a few months ago) has a stellar live performance video out I just had to post it here.

The song is “Highway of Dreams” - It’s a foot-tapping song, to be sure. Snappy snares and killer guitar lines. Of course Madelyn’s voice is the same powerful alto we’ve come to love. The song itself has that “power ballad” quality with the lyrics “I’ll just keep on rollin’” signaling a resolute can’t-get-knocked-down attitude which is completely plausible, especially considering Ms. Victoria’s stage presence – it doesn’t look like she could be having more fun. If we’re lucky we’ll be seeing a lot more from this artist, especially more live-videos. 

To learn more about Madelyn Victoria (including a forthcoming EP featuring the song "He Only Loves Me on the Dancefloor") visit her website here:

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