Friday, April 15, 2016

Alec Henderson Band "Fly Away"

Far too often in a world of electronic sheen and an overemphasis on technological aspects of art and music making, individuality and craftsmanship is lost. In such a world it is nice to know that there are those musicians whose focus lies in crafting great tunes and letting the music speak for itself. This is very much the case in the current Alec Henderson Band release: “Fly Away” (also the title of their newest album).

From the first few guitar thumps, we know that this is unmistakenly an “indie” sound – gritty/low-fi and beautiful. Luckily the first-rate musicianship stands out as the thing we’re hearing. The vocals are declamatory but very melodic at the same time. The lyrics are thoughtful but never bombastic and the drums add just enough punch to the track to keep your foot tapping.

According to the duo’s website the tracks were recorded studio-live and thank goodness there are still musicians who do that. I imagine for fans of live music this will be a welcome balm, especially if you’ve never heard of Alec Henderson Band – it is probably the best reason to go out and catch a live show the next time they are performing!

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