Monday, November 23, 2015

Zalex: Come Alive EP

Thick electronic sweeps in the bass underpinning a breathy voice and balance of themes are all aspects that dominate this newest release by electronic music artist: Zalex. Perhaps what is so enticing about these two tracks is the sheer musicality of the numbers. I feel wholeheartedly confident in saying that the combination of notes/melodies could be just at home using organic instrumentation – of course, the fact that it is electronic gives it an extra sonic quality not easily assessable in the natural world.

Both tracks reflect a level of craftsmanship that is more than admirable – but it is really the first one in his SoundCloud lineup that is the real star (Let You Fall). Energetic and sentimental, perfect for dancing, or for chillout it navigates a greyspace not easily found in a genre primarily associated with party and drug culture. Zalex reminds us that art comes in all forms and breaks many of the stereotypes we often associate with this chosen medium.  

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