Monday, November 30, 2015

Tony Watson: "My Still Small Voice"

Perhaps you’ve heard it before; “art can’t do anything.” There is a notion that if it isn’t immediately productive from a capitalistic standpoint, it is without value. However, those involved in raising charity/social-ill awareness would disagree both with their voices and with their music. In that mindset, Tony Watson’s anthem “My Still Small Voice” is a powerful call to action for homeless awareness.

The info on his YouTube video reads “this video is dedicated to all the homeless and displaced people in the world. Let’s hope our children and all of us learn how to give them a hand, pay it forward.” Which is something with which I could not agree more. Mr. Watson reminds us that through music and art we have the ability to bring to the forefront a common goal of improving our communities, and in that spirit, I hope you will give his lovely song more than a few listens. 

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