Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rocking the Individualism: Bernie Journey

The pulse of electronics, the distinct organic instrumentation, and a silky-sultry tenor are all aspects of Bernie Journey’s sound, I guess as a native of Cleveland he probably couldn’t leave behind the sound of genuine Rock n’ Roll. Operating on the Phunk Junk label he’s got a new song out titled “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?” Well, if what you’re thinking is that it’s finely crafted melody sure to put people in the mood, then yeah, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

It’s a very vital track. The song starts out sporting a subtle 70’s-ish disco beat with a distorted guitar overlay, there are elements of vintage drum machine samples which join Bernie’s reverbed voice – almost a “Taj Mahal” effect, but it really works! The song twists and turns between periods of energy and more relaxed phrases which really mimic the sexy vibe being created. The hook is very catchy with its nice surprise of irregular quicker rhythms and very attitude driven singing.

Bernie has a number of other tracks that are more than worth checking out. “Eye of the Beholder” is a really heartfelt number complete with a beautiful string/piano arrangement – of course, the catchy dance rhythms are present in this one as well. Likewise, “Everything” fits into that late-night vibe that Mr. Journey has so easily squared away. It will be very interesting to see what more we hear from this artist in the future - in the meantime, hop over to his website and enjoy the music!

To learn more about Bernie Journey, please visit his website here:

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