Saturday, December 20, 2014

Interview: Will Ovid

MW: Thanks for talking today. It's great to hear about new artists and how they are handling their careers. 

WO: Thank-you for having me!

MW: Could you describe your music for anyone who may not have heard it?

WO:  My musical passion is Rock with my genre being Modern Classic Rock.  My earliest inspirations have come from the music of all the great Classical Rock Bands.

MW: A lot of the readers of this blog are curious about the recording end of productions – could you let us know what your studio set up is like?

WO: Well right now in studio I record with a ProTools  HD rig with an Avalon pre amp set-up with a M audio interface.  

MW: How old were you when you first started doing music? What was your first instrument?

WO: Well I started playing the guitar when I was about 7 years old. I had gotten a really cool black and white  Squier Mini  for Christmas that year!

MW: Who do you think are some of your biggest influences?

WO:  Well some of my very early biggest influences were   AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and all the classic rock from that era.

MW: Were there any individuals that really helped you out in your journey? Who were they?

WO: Yes very much so! Of course my family has been there for me all the way and I am very grateful to them for all their love and support . But I also have a couple of great producer s Chris “Captain Hooks” Doss and Rob McCann that are totally amazing. 

MW: What was the craziest thing you ever encountered in a live scenario?

WO:  Surprisingly so far the only crazy thing that has happened to me onstage has been almost dropping my favorite guitar in the middle of a song when the strap came off!

MW: Could you tell us about your latest release?

WO: Well my song “Coming Home” is based on those days we all have when you are trying to get home to family and friends after a long day and you feel like you can’t get to the ones you love fast enough. I had the song in my head for a long time and really wanted to record it and I finally found a great producer to record with. You can find “Coming Home” on soundcloud  and itunes, Spotify etc.

MW: Sounds awesome, where can people go to hear more about you?

WO:   You can find me everywhere @WillOvid ‪#‎iTunes

MW: Thanks again for taking this time to chat!

MP:  It’s been really great talking to you!

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