Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Jess Yaffa "Too Soon"

One of the best things to come from the social media explosion over the past 10 years is undoubtedly the accessibility of stellar talent from the youth community. From Billie Ellish to Post Malone the public has been treated to young singers and songwriters breaking molds and showing the industry what they've been missing. One such artist is Jess Yaffa, who as of this year (2021) has released a catchy and expertly performed song titled "Too Soon."

Yaffa, at age 19 is a fantastic singer, and that's the primary thing listeners will take away from "Too Soon," but I think the instrumentation and arrangement of the song need some mention as well. I'm particularly fond of the opening tanpura drone, which calls to mind more than a few of my Hindustani classical music lessons while visiting Calcutta. The tom drums carry us into the first verse with some McCartney-esque lyrics about "all those crazy love songs." The languid melody sung is hypnotic and stays with listeners almost immediately.

Jess Yaffa is a new artist for me (and CMT); I'm very curious to see what more time behind the pen and microphone will do to her output - but, I can confidently say that she's starting from a place that is years beyond her age.

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