Saturday, September 3, 2016

Artist Interview: Fingermouse and Rubberneck

Hi readers, for this week's interview we have the band Fingermouse and Rubberneck

MW: Hi guys, thanks for being here! I think most of us are first and foremost curious about your name, how did that come about?

F & R: The name does have a story attached but it's long and full of in-jokes involving the hand of fate and old TV shows.

MW: Can you tell us a little bit about the current release, titled the “Samsquantch EP?”

F & R: The EP is the result of the two of us having met through a previous project which ended and decided that the creative spark between us was too strong to ignore. We didn't think about the direction of the music at all and just threw ideas at each other, building tracks as we went. The strongest songs made themselves known to us pretty quickly and, to be honest, it was enormous fun! I played some early mixes to an old friend visiting from the US and he told me about the new record label he was launching. He liked the sound of our stuff and asked if we would be his debut release. We're proud to support a venture like Invisible Milk Records. Everyone knows how tough it is to make money out of music these days, so all that's left is the love. We make music because we love it and Rob Quicke supports music because he loves it, simple as that.

MW: How does your creative process usually work?

F & R: Our creative process is wildly eclectic and very much an open platform. We like to establish the groove of a song early on, sometimes using drum loops to put us in the same place rhythmically. The initial idea could come from either one of us but we don't mind which direction it takes- it's a pretty relaxed affair until something catches the ear and we just run with it. Lyrics are sometimes already written and other times written around a theme suggested by the feel of the track.

MW: Are you playing out or touring currently?

F & R: We started this project as a purely creative endeavour in the studio and it's occurred to us that if people like the record they might want to see us play live! We've been jamming together a lot recently, both on these songs and on other projects and it's been fantastic fun and really creative, so who knows?

MW: So, what’s on the horizon for Fingermouse & Rubberneck?

F & R: On the horizon for Fingermouse and Rubberneck is a big question mark. We'll see how the EP does and grab any opportunities that present themselves! Other than that, we continue to play and write and produce music because it's what we love to do.

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