Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The YeahTones: “What Could I Do”

The YeahTones (with Jake Pinto, Doug Berns, Dillion Treacy, and Michael Harlen) )are out with a new music video and if these cats weren’t busy enough releasing their psychedelic-art-blues-grainy-footage they are also embarking on an upcoming October tour. See below if you can catch them live.

The song “What Could I Do” is really gritty. In some ways, it’s a straight-up blues-rock anthem, in the way that Jimi Hendrix or any of his ilk would tackle the genre. The YeahTones; however, have infused their sound with noise and atonal elements which speaks to something stridently more modern (or at least “current day”). Of course, singer/songwriter Jake Pinto has the right mixture of melody and gruffness to make for a convincingly seasoned sound; at the end of the day, the music really has to speak for itself. “What Could I Do” is a well-crafted, passionate, and driving tune.

October Tour Dates and Locations:
Thursday Oct 13th, 2016 New York City Belle Reve
Friday Oct 14th, 2016 Philadelphia Ortliebs
Saturday October 15, 2016 NYC TBD
Monday October 17, 2016 Baltimore Joe Squared
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Charlotte TBD
Wed October 19, 2016 Athens or ATL TBD
Thursday October 20, 2016 Orlando Spacebar
Friday October 21, 2016 Sarasota The Starlite Lounge
Saturday, October 22, 2016 Tampa New World Brewery
Sunday October 23, 2016 Sarasota Growlers
Monday October 24, 2016 Savannah TBD
Tuesday October 25, 2016 Richmond TBD
Wed October 26, 2016 Philadelphia TBD
Thursday October 27, 2016 NYC Belle Reve
Saturday October 29, 2016 NYC Rubulad
Monday October 31, 2016 Pittsburgh Spirit Pizza Halloween Party
Tuesday November 1, 2016 Cincinatti TBD
Wed November 2, 2016 Louisville 3rd St Dive
Thursday November 3, 2016 Nashville Foobar
Friday November 4, 2016 Asheville One Spot
Saturday, November 5, 2016 Harrisburg Wolfe St Brewery
Sunday November 6, 2016 NYC Rockwood Music Hall CD Release Show
Thursday, November 3, 2016 Nashville Foobar (Cold Lunch Recording Showcase)

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