Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chasing Jonah: War Paint

Heartfelt and soulful are words I used to describe the South East American independent music scene. During my college years, I was a strong devotee of Underwater (formed from the Florida band “Rosewater Elizabeth”), Tourmaline, and Alison With One. It’s hard to put my thumb on the sound but there is an almost mystical simplistic and yet passionate quality which seemed like a common thread running through all these artists.

It is nice to see that 13 years later, this tradition still continues in the form of Florida based group: Chasing Jonah (fronted by singer/songwriter Ashley Dudukovich) and their newest release “War Paint.” The chord progression sounds something like a I, vi, iii which creates for an extraordinarily sentimental sound. This is offset; however, through the strength of Dudukovich’s cutting vocals. She perfectly navigates the grey-space between a Broadway belt and sexy whisper. Still, there is also pain – reserved pain, but it comes through beautifully. These is nothing about this song that doesn’t work for me; it’s an absolute gem deserving of significantly more views/listens than the current 585 (although, I imagine that is going to change as people share these works with fellow music fans).


Their album “Prelude” (almost on endless repeat at my house) can also be heard on their website here:

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