Friday, January 1, 2016

Ed Roman: Lay One Down

Long time readers of “Current Music Thoughts” will remember some time ago an interview with the singer/songwriter Ed Roman. He was kind enough to share some insights into his creative process, in addition to speaking about the modern art situation for those perusing such endeavors. He demonstrated himself as a man of wisdom and a uniquely introspective individual.

As it turns out, Mr. Roman has released a new single titled “Lay One Down,” and it’s terrific. The song features the quintessential closely miced acoustic guitar picking which makes a wonderfully intimate piece. Ed’s voice is, as always, soothing but demanding of attention at the same time and the background vocals are ethereal, almost like ghost-whispers.

Something noted back when Ed was interviewing here was his connection to folk and college rock artists of previous decades such as REM and even Pete Seeger; it’s nice to note that this style has been well-maintained in “Lay One Down.” The song is available on iTunes where you can hear a preview before you decide to download (and you will).

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