Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Bittersweet Descent" by Ted West

Mood is one of the most important aspects of a song, as far as I’m concerned. Trust me when I tell you this song has plenty of it. “Bittersweet Descent” comes across as a dreamy/bluesy soundscape that tells you exactly what you’re in for within the first 20 seconds of the song. Rhodes piano and a distant trumpet set the scene right before stinging drums hit you (as Grandfather Clinton might say) “right in the earhole.” As of writing this, I haven’t heard it in the car yet, but I can say from experience, I know it would sound awesome!

The song contrasts a beautiful lyric quality which Mr. West delivers perfectly well, with a more tenor approach for the chorus – a gift that most singers envy, I’m sure. The lyrics paint the sound with the returning words “I’m still falling, I’m only halfway down.” It's sexy and somber at the same time which makes it right for just about any time of night. “Bittersweet Descent” is a track that could fit comfortably in a lot of collections from New-Jazz to New-RnB and even in-between some pop-tracks. It’s more than worth checking out. 

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