Friday, January 9, 2015

Interview: Josey Milner

MW: Josey Milner, thank you so much for giving us your time today – I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your music! Right off the bat, it’s easy to tell this has been a big year for you. You’ve been noticed by magazines like Elle, CNN, and a lot of independent media. Has all the attention been overwhelming?

JM: I wouldn’t say it’s been overwhelming, but I would say that it has been pretty awesome and exciting. I just love the fact that my music is getting so much recognition and people are enjoying t.

MW: Could you describe your music for the uninitiated out there?

JM: My music is mainly country, both old and new, and sometimes some classic rock and even a little pop is thrown in. My sound is definitely one of a kind. As far as my own music and the songs I release, I try to pick songs that I think people can really relate to and will really enjoy.

MW: Your song “Cowgirls” is just awesome, I love how powerful your voice sounds in that one – have you always had that belty-quality, or did you have to work for it?

JM: Of course it has gotten stronger over the years, but I have pretty much always had that, as you say, belty-quality. That is one thing that people have always said they enjoy about my voice and is something that makes it different.

MW: Another thing I love about “Cowgirls” is the instrumentation – at times it’s quite orchestral between the fiddle, guitar, back-up vocals, and everything else going on. Can you describe the creative/recording process for that song?

JM: The recording process for that song was so much fun! My producer, Micah Burdick, did an absolutely amazing job with the instrumentation. I remember being in the studio to lay down the vocal tracks, and I was dancing around as I was singing because I was having so much fun with it.

MW: You’re such a young artist, I’m almost nervous to ask this next question, but it’s important to the readers, so here goes: Who do you think are some of your biggest influences?

JM: I’d say I have quite a few influences. As far as my biggest, I would say artists like Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette. Their voices are so beautiful and unique, plus they made a huge impact on the country music industry. Miranda Lambert is also another big influence. I think she is a great person with amazing music. She has really taken control of her career and has definitely made a big impact on the industry as well.

MW: Were there any individuals that really helped you out in your journey? Who were they?

JM: I definitely have had a lot of support from so many people. As far as my biggest supporters, it would have to be my parents. They have been there for me for no matter what and have always supported my decisions.

MW: You have been very active in the anti-bullying movement, could you tell us how that came about? Have you witnessed anything firsthand or was it more of a general calling for you?

JM: When I released my first single “Not Pretty Enough”, I became a spokesperson for Angels and Doves, which is an anti-bullying organization. They go around and talk to different schools about bullying and what you can do to help with the situation. They are just really trying to raise awareness over bullying since it has become such a big problem today. As far as personal experiences, I have not been a victim myself, but I have witnessed it. I have always stepped in when I have witnessed a bullying.

MW: How has the live scene been for you? Do you find that you’re able to perform as much as you like while keeping up on your normal responsibilities?

JM: Most definitely! Right now, we’re really trying to focus on getting more music out there, so I haven’t been performing as much as I used to, but we are definitely getting some dates lined out for this new year. There have been many performances scheduled, and there are many more to come. The best way to keep track of my show schedule is to check me out on Facebook (, or my website,

MW: How has your family been through this whole process?

JM: They have been nothing but supportive. They think it’s awesome that I’ve been so successful with my music and that tends to be one of the first things to come up in a conversation for them. So I would also say they are pretty proud. 

MW: OK, last question – what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you in a live show?

JM: I would probably say when I witnessed my first bar fight. That was pretty funny/interesting. These guys started getting pretty heated and next thing I knew, my microphone was being knocked over. The stage was on the same level as the crowd, so they were able to be right up next to it. I found the fight to be pretty ironic because I was singing “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”. It was taken care of really fast though and the show went on. Looking back, it makes me laugh.

MW: Josey Milner – it’s been awesome talking with you!

JM:  Thank you!

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