Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interview: Marshall Dane

Marshall Dane is a country singer-songwriter active in the live circuit as well as a gifted and prolific country music composer. Primarily known for his songs "Love and Alcohol" and "One of These Days" he is set to capture his audience with his unique energy and flair for the stage. 

MW: Marshall Dane, thanks so much for talking with us today!

MD:My pleasure:)

MW: Can you talk about your musical upbringing a little bit? – I saw from your bio that your father was a preacher and your mother was a gifted pianist – what kind of influence did this have on your early development?

MD: Yes I can:)  You are correct about my folks...their influence is laced throughout my career...especially in the beginning...until I was 15 years old, I enjoyed a musical family that always sang, played guitar for friends and used music to set or influence the mood of the moment.

MW: I chuckled when I read that you played your first solo gig at 15 for $35 and a plate of cheesecake – I imagine you felt like you were the richest guy on earth back then.

MD:I had noooo idea what I was in for!!!  I felt even more rich when a pub offered me $175/night by 18:)

MW: That is amazing! I want to talk about songwriting – most of us know that the country genre usually employs more professional songwriters than other styles of music, and we rely on the big sellers to perform the pieces. What made you want to do both writing and performing?

MD: Writing is, and always has been, a natural reaction to my life’s I encounter change...I write about it....It's my diary...with a melody.  The performance....well...that's my upbringing...#s'posedtobeapreacher

MW: I will say that you have an outstanding and charismatic presence while you’re performing. The video for “Love and Alcohol” is evidence of that. Are there ever days when you don’t feel like giving it your 120%?

MD: Why thank you:)  For sure there are days when I don't feel `120%, however...when called to the stage....even if I feel like 10%...I'm giving 120% of whatever I've got in the tank:)!!!!! #lovewhatIdo

MW: I get the feeling that the 2012 release of “One of These Days” was a real standout moment for you – is that a fair assessment?

MD: Every step....that one included!

MW: Looking back through your material, are there any other songs that really stand out to you? Ones you might be particularly proud of?

MD: 'Till I Get To You, Bad Choices, This Rain, About Last Night, Why Can't I Leave, Work It Out....

MW: I noticed from your YouTube channel that you perform a lot! How much are you on the road in any given year?

MD:I slept in my own bed 7 out of the last 65 days:)

MW: What advice would you give someone looking to get into professional performing?

MD:  Know when to hold em...and know when to fold em....

MW: What about songwriting?

MD: honest/truthful/sincere tunes.  Subjects you know about.

MW: Are there any big plans on the horizon?

MD: Always....more songs:) Stay tuned..change is sure to come...

MW: Marshall Dane, it was a pleasure listening to your music!

MD: The pleasure is mine:)

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