Friday, October 31, 2014

Interview: Jiggley Jones

For this weeks interview, singer-songwriter Jiggley Jones spends some time with us talking about his craft, his voice, and even a little about his family. His newest release is “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…” available through iTunes. 

MW: Jiggley Jones, thanks so much for your time today!

JJ: My pleasure, thanks for having me!!

MW: I’ve enjoyed listening to your music, especially the songs on your YouTube channel especially the song “Ain’t That Alright.” I see your kids presence throughout the video – we’re they a big inspiration to the song?

JJ: Though they have been a major inspiration within my songwriting, on this particular song they were just used for the video because I like getting them involved as much as possible. This video idea was a more financially-friendly version of the original idea I had in my head that would have been a major undertaking. So I put this together on imovie and put my kids in it and it didn’t cost me a dime, haha ! … and it was fun for all of us.

MW: So, believe it or not, you’re actually the first country artist we’ve had on this blog (a long time overdue if you ask me). How do you feel about the change in commercial Country Music over the past few decades?

JJ: Because I certainly don’t consider my music to be straight forward Country, the changes have benefited me. All the branching out to slightly different sounds and approaches has broadened the listening audience in the Country genre. I think a lot of traditional Country fans aren’t too happy about that but Rock music is constantly seeing changes like this.

MW: I guess I call you “country” because that’s the closest genre that readers will recognize – but I hear a lot of other elements in your songs such as blues, folk, and even a little gospel. How do YOU like to describe your music?

JJ: It’s really difficult being in between genres sometimes. I think I would call it Folk Rock.

MW: I listened to “Modern Day Jesus” – one of the live videos on your YT channel – and I was thinking “wow, that is one hell of an upper range.” Did you have to work hard to develop those notes or have you always been able to do that?

JJ: Ironically that has always been a vocally tough song for me to pull off live. Sometimes if I’m not feeling it vocally on certain nights I will leave that song out of my set. So yeah it is hard work sometimes getting the voice to conquer those high notes.  

MW: Do you consider yourself more of a live musician?

JJ: No I wouldn’t say that, even though live performance is a definite part of who I am as a musician. I thrive on the recording process and the creative side.

MW: What artists were important to you while you were developing your style?

JJ: I always refer to Neil Young whenever that question comes up. Of course there are many more over the years. Maybe James Taylor and Led Zeppelin to name a few.

MW: What about now, are you a fan of anyone currently?

JJ: I actually like a lot of the newer Country acts like Zac Brown and Florida Georgia Line, etc…

MW: Your newest release is “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…” is a 6 track EP, can you talk about how this album came together?

JJ: I signed with my label Lamon Records Nashville in November of last year, put together a demo of songs for them to pick from and went down to Nashville in January. With Producer Dave Moody and a handful of session players we put together the songs for the record. Some of the songs were brand new and some I had been kicking around for a while. In February I went back down and shot the video for the single “Walk On Me.” Overall it was a great experience.

MW: Can you tell us about your best live show (so far)?

JJ: Well I had the privilege of playing at the last two CMA Festivals in Nashville. The first year (2013) I played at BB King’s place and 2014 I got a chance to perform at the legendary Earnest Tubbs Record Shop.

MW: …and do you have any events/projects on the horizon?

JJ: I have a few things coming up including the AMG Awards down in Charlotte, North Carolina where I’m up for “Male Vocalist of the Year.” After that I plan on “hibernating this winter and writing a bunch of new songs. We’ll see if that happens because sometimes opportunities sneak up on you out of nowhere and then you’re off on another adventure, haha.

MW: Jiggley Jones, thanks so much for taking the time to talk!

JJ: Thank you, I really appreciate it !!

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