Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interview: King Fernand (Happiness to Life)

For this week’s interview we have King Fernand, an accomplished guitarist, singer/songwriter from the Indi-Rock band “Happiness to Life.”

MW: King Fernand, thanks for taking the time to talk to Current Music Thoughts.

KF: Well , thank you so much for having me on Current Music Thoughts.I appreciate it.

MW: I noticed from your bio that you actually have a formal music education from both LaGuardia College and Plattsburg State University. How do you think that colors your approach to songwriting?

KF: Yes that does play a factor whether I am at home writing music or at the studio, specially when I am writing parts for other instruments besides the guitar, such as violin, harpsichord .Whether I am writing a three parts harmony , or I am applying chord substitutions for an arrangement

MW: I think it’s incredible that you write for harpsichord! - You’ve played with some impressive folks – F.S.B., Spirit 9, and Raging Storm – do you tend to take a lot if inspiration from your colleagues?

KF: I have learned so much from many of the musicians I played with in the past -and currently - and I am grateful those musicians came along my path and inspired me.

MW: I was also reading about some of your favorite acts, which certainly runs the gambit, from Marvin Gaye all the way to Imagine Dragons. Have your tastes always been so eclectic?

KF: Well, since I was about 7or 8 years old I had great appreciation for different styles of music and  as I get older my appreciation for music continues to expand and throughout those years my tastes have been eclectic .

MW: I’d like to talk about your guitar playing for a bit – could you tell us all what your favorite axe is?

KF: Great, I love this question, without a doubt: FENDER STRATOCASTER

MW: When did you start playing?

KF: I started to play guitar when I was in High School. I used to watch one of my friends playing the guitar all the time, then one day I went to a music store and bought a guitar.

MW: Let’s talk about your new single “New Age.” How did that song come about?

KF: Well, I had the title “New Age” for a while. I was not so sure exactly how I was going to structure the song, not so much the music but the lyric, then one day I sat quietly with a recorder and I kept strumming the guitar and singing along .Afterwards, I listened back to the recording and chose the parts that I liked best.

MW: Interesting – that kind of leads me to my next question - One of the first thing that struck me about “New Age” was it’s very unique speech rhythms in the lyrics – did that come about naturally, or is it something you’ve had to hone?

KF: As I mentioned in the previous question, I sang the song a few times because that day I felt I had something good cooking in the stove. Then I listened back to the recording and I noticed all the parts that I needed were in place.

MW: You must be tickled that took a look at your new album. She’s one of my favorite music bloggers by-the-way. To quote her: “Illustrating the multidimensional sound of the band, the song (“New Age”) captures the elements of classic rock, funk, and contemporary styles of music ( July 4 2014). How does it feel to be looked at so favorably by such a popular writer?

KF: I think I am at the right place at the right time, but seriously I feel very honored that my music has popped up along her way. She is truly amazing to say the least.

MW: Are you performing live these days? If so, where can we see you?

KF: I am in the process of rehearsing the entire album with some new members and talking to booking agents to try to get a good deal because at this present time all of my band members are hired musicians. I will definitely keep you posted.

MW: Please do! So, what’s next for “Happiness to Life?”

KF "Happiness To Life "is in the process of promoting the album, such as: trying to secure college and public radio plays, booking gigs and tours etc.

MW: That sounds awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to talk today!

KF: I thank you for giving me this opportunity and continue on with this great job you have been doing for the community. Take Care.

To learn more about Kind Fernand and Happiness to Life, please visit their website here:

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