Friday, May 2, 2014

Darkly Comforting: My Secret Island

Landing on the MySpace page of the band “My Secret Island,” the tagline reads: “My Secret Island is extraordinarily unique. A project which has touched on a variety of musical worlds from the very beginning.” – It’s a good summation too. A cursory listen to their songs available online will reflect many elements from metal, goth, punk, electronica, and pop (just to name a few). The song below is their newest release on YouTube titled: “What was Yesterday,” complete with a plotline centered around creepy zombies and a fairly steamy romantic interest.

It’s a tough sounding track with a lot of industrial and metal elements. The vocals seem very punk-rock though. I was most intrigued by the lyrics. Despondent and poetic while being easily understandable through the lead-singer’s impeccable diction. It’s a pretty darn catchy song too, I found myself singing along with the line “lost down the well of time" within minutes of my first listen. 

With so many creative tricks up their respective sleeves; it will be wonderful to hear more of these cats as they continue to produce new music. In the meantime, please have a look at their YouTube page here:

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