Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thomas Brunkard: Sense and Cinematically

It hardly needs to be explained that one of Mr. Brunkard’s big influences is music for media. A brief listen to any of his tracks will evoke romantic scenes on bright sunny days to dreary black and white stills. This should not insinuate, however; that his pieces don’t stand on their own, his compositions have a very intense flair and at the same time are very approachable. One great example of this duality is featured below:

The above piece titled “Menacant” is complete with pulsating rhythms that form a heartbeat like strain continuing through the piece. It grows out of its seductive guitar intro to feature violin echoing a gypsy quality. The guitar and violin almost dance seductively throughout this 3 minute track reflecting a very satisfying quality. In short, it’s very worth a listen (preferably with someone).

To hear more of Thomas Brunkard’s please visit his SoundCloudpage 

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