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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Callers: "Life of Love"

It wasn't an easy choice, selecting an artist on whom to do this first review. I turned over in my head the possibility of searching out obscure acts from my youth or perhaps digging deep into some local group where I currently reside. It wasn't until I was listening in my car to Callers (a band I picked up on on a whim) that I had the “ah-ha”moment that prompted me to write this piece.

The album is titled; “Life of Love” and was released in 2010. It clocks in at nine total songs recorded in a decidedly low-fi throwback style that makes for a perfect contemplating ambiance. The first track “You Are An Arc” sounds like it was lifted straight from the b-sides of the best acts from the 1960's-1970s tempered with profoundly modern lyrics. Its a rockin' good song, for sure, but the band's real strength lies in their ability to spin out ballads. For this, listeners are in for a treat when they hear the title track “Life of Love” plus the freebie I downloaded on Amazon; “How You Hold Your Arms.”

I imagine the band would be a good fit for those who enjoy more organic rock. There really isn't much of an upbeat track on the album though, so people who need the kind of energy that's so common in contemporary pop might steer clear. Its not much of a drawback to me though, the band has a sincere and heartfelt sound that can be very lacking in acts that pump out tracks in hopes of being featured on teen-dramas. It will be interesting to see where Callers go from here and if they can really hone their sound and their fanbase into something really lasting – here's hoping all parties make a go of it.

The band's website can be seen here:  

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