Sunday, July 23, 2023

"What If I Fall In Love Witchu" by Mariama Whyte

Mariama Whyte enchants listeners with her soulful neo-soul/R&B single, "What If I Fall In Love Witchu," a melodious journey reminiscent of the musical finesse of Sunny Sumpter and Erykah Badu. This heartfelt track beautifully blends modern sensibilities with classic elements, resulting in a refreshing and captivating sonic experience.

From the very start, the electronic piano weaves a magical spell, setting the stage for Mariama's emotive vocals to take center stage. Her voice, infused with passion and vulnerability, carries the song's romantic essence, leaving a lasting impression on the heart of the audience.

The swirling strings add an ethereal touch, enhancing the song's emotive depth and elevating its impact. The subtle calypso beat infuses a delightful rhythm, making it irresistible not to sway along to the infectious groove.

"What If I Fall In Love Witchu" is a poignant and alluring ode to the complexities of love, showcasing Mariama Whyte's talent as both a singer and songwriter. With its soul-stirring melodies and immaculate instrumentation, this single is a gem that leaves us eagerly awaiting more from this exceptional artist.

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